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A modern decoration with a beautiful, simple atmosphere of the past.


Theme : 85 m2 apartment.

Cabinets placed instead of the walls.


Natural Stone, Laminated Parquet, Leather, Light


Time of work:

2 months




Where: Degirmen Han, Eminönü / Istanbul


Theme: To clean the 1,200 m2 limestone exterior wall and apply protective on it for environmental influences.

Implementation: Limestone is an extremely variable rock; this concerns both its origin and its characteristics, appearance and economic usability. However, it must be particularly protected from environmental influences. To achieve this, a special natural resin was used after the cleaning process without damaging the structural features and fabric of the historic building.

Advantage: After the facade cleaning and refurbishment, the limestone facade will continue to look like it did when it was completed in 2008 for many years to come, despite environmental influences.

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